Spokane Estate Planning

Injury, illness, and death are not an easy topic to discuss. However, appropriate planning can ensure that when the unexpected occurs, you can rest assured that your children will be provided for in the manner they deserve; that you receive the type of medical care that you want; and, that your estate (property) is distributed according to your wishes.

At L. Craig Cary Smith & Associates P.S., our estate planning attorneys strive to provide you with cost effective and professional estate planning services that are tailored to your unique circumstances. We are prepared to meet with you, discuss the typical tools used in estate planning – wills, powers of attorney and advanced directives – and other estate planning documents – retirement plans, trust and community property agreements, in order to develop and implement your most comprehensive estate plan.


Last Will and Testament

Power of Attorney


Advanced Directive

Community Property Agreement

Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment



At L. Craig Cary Smith & Associates P.S., our Spokane estate planning attorneys are always available to discuss your estate plan. Please feel free to contact our office and schedule a free legal consultation lasting 30 minutes via telephone or in person with one of our qualified attorneys.

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